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The Best Places to Go Heli-Skiing

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Heli-skiing is considered by many as the ultimate skiing experience. Bypassing the lifts and skiing down untouched, pristine powder terrain, offers an exhilarating sense of freedom and adventure that no other skiing experience can match. Moreover, it provides access to remote areas of the mountains that would otherwise be impossible to reach. If you’re a thrill-seeker and looking for the best places to go heli-skiing, this article will guide you through some of the world’s most epic destinations.

1. British Columbia, Canada:
Canada is renowned for being one of the world’s top destinations for heli-skiing. With its mountainous terrain and reliable powder, British Columbia is home to some of the world’s best heli-skiing spots. Revelstoke, Whistler, and the Cariboos are some of the most popular destinations for heli-skiing in British Columbia. These areas boast diverse terrain, ranging from open bowls to steep chutes, that caters to both intermediate and advanced skiers.

2. Valdez, Alaska:
Alaska is another popular heli-skiing destination known for its rugged mountains and deep snowpack. Among the many heli-skiing spots in Alaska, Valdez stands out as the best. It is famous for its steep, challenging terrain, which offers an adrenaline rush for experienced skiers. However, beginners need not worry; they can still enjoy the experience with gentler terrain at Thompson Pass.

3. Chamonix, France:
Chamonix is located in the French Alps, and it’s a paradise for skiers and mountaineers. It’s not only a stunningly beautiful destination with breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, but it’s also an incredible heli-skiing destination. With various runs starting from the Aiguille du Midi station, experienced skiers can enjoy steep couloirs and glaciers. However, beginners can also indulge in the experience with less challenging terrain on the Grands Montets.

4. Wanaka, New Zealand:
New Zealand is famous for its majestic landscapes and adventure activities. Wanaka, located on the South Island, is an emerging heli-skiing destination that provides a more affordable experience than other top destinations. Here, skiers can enjoy a combination of challenging and mellow terrain, with views of pristine lakes and snow-capped peaks.

5. Caucasus Mountains, Georgia:
Skiing in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains is not only a unique experience but also an adventure into a relatively unknown and unspoiled destination. With its epic powder, towering peaks, and remote terrain, Georgia offers a unique skiing experience that’s hard to find anywhere else. The heli-skiing season in Georgia runs from December to April, and Tbilisi serves as the hub for most tour operators.

In summary, heli-skiing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every skier should have at least once. These destinations provide an ideal combination of adventure, challenges, and stunning scenery that’s hard to find anywhere else. Regardless of where you decide to go, make sure you book with a reputable operator and a seasoned guide to ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment.

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